About Us

What Makes Us Different

At the Atlantic Sun Financial Group we realize that your portfolio is as individual as you are. We will help you assess your risk tolerance and compare your age with your goals.

We help keep you on track by actively managing your accounts through investment strategies and modern portfolio theory along with the latest technology. We are totally independent, and have no partnerships with proprietary products or companies.

We believe, having a Financial Advisor with over 22 years of experience will give you clarity and confidence about your financial future through tax planning, financial, estate, and insurance planning.  Our pledge is that the most important factor is YOU our client.  We will help you achieve your dreams by helping you make informed investment decisions.  

The Financial Planning Process

We start by designing your portfolio with asset allocation categories based on your stage of life, personal risk level, and time horizon. Specific investment goals are set within each portfolio design. Next is the screening process to select the specific investments and money managers for your portfolio. After the specific investments are selected, we monitor and adjust the models on a regular basis as needed.